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The demand for hardware innovation and smartly integrated embedded systems is growing as businesses invest more in technology. QbyteComputing designs develop and test a wide range of hardware, software, firmware, and applications to handle this in a comprehensive and scalable manner.

QbyteComputing is a full-service design, consulting, and manufacturing company that offers customized solutions for silicon-based VLSI design. Get bespoke VLSI design services at any stage of the chip development process.

We can personalise our VLSI design services and assist you at every point of the chip design cycle, from spec through deployment, thanks to our in-house R&D team and competence in IP development.

Our dedicated team of experts is composed of engineers with years of experience in all types of ASIC Design domains. Our consultants can help you with your design process by providing guidance and mentorship throughout the whole process. We provide our ASIC designs for all leading semiconductor companies. Our prices are highly competitive, while quality remains high on every product we offer.


  • Architectural Design Implementation
  • Spec Development RTL, Implementation (SV, Verilog, VHDL,) & Simulation.
  • Synthesis
  • Timing
  • Verification

Full Custom Activity (AMS)

  • STD cell, I/O development & verification
  • Custom layout and Physical Verification
  • Extraction
  • Characterization, Spice Simulation
  • Different models / View generation


  • Synthesis / STA
  • Physical Design
  • Floorplan
  • Clock distribution (CTS, HTree etc) and analysis
  • Scan restitching (check formatting matches with remaining data)
  • Place & Route
  • Timing closure
  • DFM
  • Physical verification (DRC/LVS)

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